Saturday, October 31, 2009

Final Ideas

I'm trying to narrow down ideas I have for my portfolio.  I was thinking about doing it on people's secrets.  I like working with people and trying to photograph them in a way where you can see what they are feeling at that moment.  I was thinking about having a person stand with either a white or black backdrop.  I want it to be implied nudity with them either holding a white board in front of them or a white sheet.  Im leaning towards the board.  Then I haven't decided whether I want to hand write on the board or have projected text on it displaying whatever their secret is.  I will give them the option of showing or hiding their face.  I am thinking about whether or not I want it to be very short and concise text or if I want more of a long journal feel in which case i would enlarge or capitalize important parts of the text so it can be emphasized and more easily read.  Sorry I dont really have and reference pictures to post.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ok, so one idea I've had for the series for our final portfolio is: I walk around looking for photos a lot and I recently decided to try to take interesting photos of trash. It's everywhere and ugly. But it is someone's disposable art (sometimes not meant to be I guess) but anyway I'm thinking of using photos I make of trash and printing them out and incorporating them into portraits in the studio of figures that relate to the trash. Maybe a similar gesture. Also Joseph and I spoke about bringing in the trash and photographing in the studio then bringing in models and photographing them and splitting the images half figure half trash. Also another avenue is using a projector to relate the trash projected in/around the figure. The last possibility that I've been thinking about with this is after photographing the trash, printing it out and making props/clothing for the model or actually buying the product/or using the actual trash with the model as clothing.

Whew! Thats long. Thanks for reading and hope this sparks some conversation.


PS These aren't necessarily the photos I would use, but give a general idea of where my mind is at.